How is Japan Rail Pass price determined?

The price of the JR Pass is determined by the national Japan Railways Company, in Japanese yens.
For an adult traveler, the countrywide JRP reference prices are:

  • 7-days: ¥29,650 (ordinary) / ¥39,600 (Green);
  • 14-days: ¥47,250 (ordinary) / ¥64,120 (Green);
  • 21-days: ¥60,450 (ordinary) / ¥83,390 (Green).

Children aged between 6 and 11-year-old pay half the price. Children under 5-year-old don’t pay.

On a side note, the Japan Rail Pass amount in yen has never increased since its creation. The only rises of the price are due to the Japanese VAT increases (for example VAT rose from 5 to 8% in April 2014, and 8 to 10% in October 2019).

The price in Dollars

The amount in Euros varies with currency exchange rates and can thus change on a day-to-day basis, a phenomenon on which we naturally have no influence.

The price of each JR Pass includes:

  • The cost decided by Japan Railways as stated above (we are authorized sale agent);
  • The variations of Japanese Yen exchange rates;
  • The preparation of your order by our team;
  • The JR Pass information documents (free);
  • The amount of the shipping fees offered for several countries;
  • The agency’s operational costs (full-time permanent contract employees, and other costs).

The price of the JR Pass is determined on a per unit basis, so unfortunately, we cannot offer discount to individual customers.
However, group order is possible from at least 10 JR Passes in the same order. Feel free to contact us so we can provide a tailored quote.

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