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An in-depth discovery of Nikko

Discover wonderful historical sceneries in the mountains at less than two hours from Tokyo!

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12 years and older
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Touristic seasons details
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(Total ~$250)

With an easy access from the capital, Nikko is the ideal place to enjoy snow as well as Buddhist temples and glowing Shinto shrines, nestled in a wonderful forest at a couple of minutes’ walk from the station.

They constitute Nikko Natural Park, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

A dedicated guide

A guide
only for you

The tour you booked is completely private. You will not share your guide with unknown people, for more comfort and privacy.

You guide is dedicated to you or your group (couple, friends, family, etc.) and will offer suggestions during the tour according to the time of the year, the weather and your pace.

guided tour

Know Japan beyond clichés.

Discover cities under a new approach, closer to their reality; Explore places hidden to tourists, good and sometimes original picture spots; Save time thanks to the locals’ experience who know Japan like the back of their hand; Enjoy your visit without worrying about planning or how to get there.

An authentic

Step out the usual stereotyped guided tour and explore narrow streets, hidden gems, find the good restaurants that only appear on Japanese maps... Visit a Japan that no Western travel guide can describe!

Touring in the most popular places of Tokyo or Kyoto with our guides is naturally also possible.

Our Certified Tour Guides in Nikko

Discover Nikko’s area in the best conditions and make the most of your visit.


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High season
Very high season
1 person 2 persons 3 persons 4 persons 5 to 10 pers. 11 to 20 pers.
1 day

For groups of 20 persons and more: Please contact us for a quote
Touristic seasons details

Our prices include
  • Your private custom guided tour!
  • The preparation of your tour in Nikko by the guide, according to your preferences
  • Reservation fee (no additional administration fee or tips)
  • The guides’ personal expenses:
    • Their full transportation fees (to the meeting place and during the tour)
    • Their lunch up to ¥1,000 (~$7) per meal
But do not include
  • Your own personal expenses (transportation, meal, admission fee, etc.)
  • Admission fees (¥2,400 (~$17) per person to visit Toshogu / Rinnoji / Taiyuin / Futarasan temples and shrines + an additional ¥1,200 (~$8) for the guide’s admission fee.
  • Insurances you may buy

See details about transportation costs below.

Additional information

Details of transportation costs to go to Nikko.

Without JR Pass

Departure from Tokyo-Asakusa, allow for ~1h50 each way, included in the total length of the tour (the guide will use the transportation time to answer your questions, give insights on Japan, and especially on Nikko).

With the JR Pass

Departure from Tokyo-Ueno.


  • ~1h40 each way, included in the total length of the tour (the guide will use the transportation time to answer your questions, give insights on Japan, and especially on Nikko).
  • An additional ¥5,000 (~$35) fee to cover for the guide’s round trip ticket (the JR Pass holder’s travel is covered by the JR Pass) or ¥9,000 (~$62) for a travel in Green car.
Touristic seasons details:
  • Low season
    • from 06/01/2023 to 07/01/2023
    • from 09/03/2023 to 09/30/2023
    • from 11/20/2023 to 12/23/2023
    • from 01/08/2024 to 03/09/2024
  • High season
    • from 05/28/2023 to 05/31/2023
    • from 07/02/2023 to 07/08/2023
    • from 08/28/2023 to 09/02/2023
    • from 10/01/2023 to 10/14/2023
    • from 11/13/2023 to 11/19/2023
    • from 12/24/2023 to 01/07/2024
    • from 03/10/2024 to 03/16/2024
    • from 05/20/2024 to 05/27/2024
  • Very high season
    • from 07/09/2023 to 08/27/2023
    • from 10/15/2023 to 11/12/2023
    • from 03/17/2024 to 05/19/2024
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