Japan Rail Pass

Unlimited travels throughout Japan by train


The Benefits Of The JR Pass

How to imagine a trip in Japan without the JR Pass?
Easy to use, the JR Pass offers a hassle-free travel, with transportation flexibility and huge savings, as the cost of train transportation, especially on the Shinkansen bullet train, is quite expensive in Japan. Therefore, most of travelers to Japan order a JR Pass to make the most of they stay in the country.

Family Advantage: Reduced Prices For Children

Children tickets (6 to 11-year-old): half-price

Children up to 5-year-old: free (as they don’t require a seat)
How Much Is The JR Pass?
12 years and older
From 6 to 11 years old
Total Amount

Keikaku’s Advantages

Shipping On The Day Of Order

Choose a fast delivery for your Japan Rail Pass!

For each JR Pass order completed before 1 p. m. (Paris Time) on a business day, at any time of the year, Keikaku will proceed to shipping the JR Pass order on the same day, by air mail or UPS.

Free Shipping And Tracking

All Keikaku’s products are shipped with a tracking number.

We also ship overseas (shipping list) with secured private transporter.

JR Authorized Sales Agent

Keikaku is a JR Pass sales agent authorized by the Japan Railway (JR).

Moreover, we are authorized sales agent for every type of JR Pass.

Easy To Use
  1. Order your JR Pass Exchange Order online with Keikaku
  2. Get your JR Pass in a JR Office in Japan
  3. Enjoy an unlimited access to Japan’s public transportation network!

Prepare Your Travel

Additional Documents*
for A Care-Free Travel

All JRP are shipped with at least an information leaflet on how to use it, and maps with locations of the JR exchange offices in main airports and train stations in Japan.

Our JRP are delivered by secured private transportation, and we add a free comprehensive set of English language documentation (content subject to availability at shipping time):

  • A 24 pages booklet on how to use the JR Pass;
  • JR Networks maps in Tokyo and throughout Japan;
  • Schedules of Shinkansen rapid trains and airport shuttles;
  • Sightseeing guidebooks for touristic places and cities;
  • A file holder to use during your trip;

And even Zoom Japan magazine!

* Only for private transportation shipping (non-contractual picture)

A Must-Have For Your Trip
Travel In Japan And Save Money

The 7 days JR Pass is already cost-effective if you are planning a Tokyo-Kyoto round trip: any additional use saves you money!
You will be able to board the usually quite expensive Shinkansen and enjoy its speed and comfort. The JR Pass even allows seat reservation for free.

The JR Pass is an essential item to travel Japan’s big cities, from the airport, inside the cities and to the countryside. It is the best way to travel in Japan!

Make the most of Japan Railways’ wide national transportation network and travel freely almost everywhere in Japan on Shinkansen, trains, bus and ferries.

Regional JR Passes are also available for seasoned travelers.

JR Pass Prices (Countrywide)

Until September, 28th
7 days PASS 14 days PASS 21 days PASS
$228 $363 $464
Green Car
(First class)
$306 $496 $644
From September, 29th
7 days PASS 14 days PASS 21 days PASS
$396 $633 $791
Green Car
(First class)
$544 $863 $1,088
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