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Keep your Internet connection in Japan

Rent a Pocket Wi-fi

Wi-Fi hotspots in Japan are still rare and most of them require a prior registration in Japanese. If you want to use your own smartphone data, beware of international roaming fees which can be more than expensive if not carefully monitored.

That is why many travelers choose to rent a Pocket Wi-Fi to enjoy an unlimited Internet connection everywhere in Japan. The Pocket Wi-Fi is a small electronic device to use as a router for an easy access to the Internet anywhere during travel.

It allows to browse and check as much as you need:

  • Maps and GPS on your mobile phone;
  • Train schedules and weather forecast in real time;
  • E-mail and messaging apps (Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.);
  • Social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.);
  • YouTube and online music streaming services;
  • And of course websites (news, bank, Kanpai, Wikipedia, blogs, etc.)
How Much Is The Pocket Wi-Fi Rental?
Touristic seasons details
Total Amount

* Indicative price only: The actual cost may vary according to the effective rental period

How Does It Work

Unlimited Access To High-Speed Internet

4G LTE Connection, very high-speed Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac (speed up to: 187Mbps download / 37Mbps upload).

High density network with Softbank, available everywhere in Japan, with 99% of the Japanese population covered.

More information in the Help section

Easy And Convenient

The device's reduced size (10,4 x 6 x 1,8 cm / 4 x 2,4 x 0.4 inches) and small weight (only 150g) allows to easily slip it in a pocket.

It is easy to use: just enter the provided Wi-Fi password to make the most of the Pocket Wi-Fi during your travel. We are of course available to help you in English by e-mail or phone.

For All The Family

You can connect up to 5 devices at the same time on the same Pocket Wi-Fi: smartphones, tablets, laptops (PC or Mac), cameras, game consoles, etc.

The battery's autonomy is about 8 hours in use and the device's range is about 20 meters.

Collect And Drop Off

Choose to pick up the Pocket Wi-Fi at the airport in Tokyo or Osaka, or have it delivered directly to your hotel in Japan.

Use the provided prepaid envelope to return the Pocket Wi-Fi before leaving Japan.

Touristic seasons details:
  • Low season
    • from 11/20/2023 to 12/23/2023
    • from 01/08/2024 to 03/09/2024
    • from 05/28/2024 to 06/29/2024
    • from 09/01/2024 to 10/05/2024
  • High season
    • from 11/13/2023 to 11/19/2023
    • from 12/24/2023 to 01/07/2024
    • from 03/10/2024 to 03/16/2024
    • from 05/20/2024 to 05/27/2024
    • from 06/30/2024 to 07/06/2024
    • from 08/26/2024 to 08/31/2024
    • from 10/06/2024 to 10/12/2024
    • from 11/11/2024 to 11/17/2024
  • Very high season
    • from 11/08/2023 to 11/12/2023
    • from 03/17/2024 to 05/19/2024
    • from 07/07/2024 to 08/25/2024
    • from 10/13/2024 to 11/10/2024
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