Private Custom Guided Tours

Discover Japan with a bilingual English-speaking tour guide

This way please

Behind-the-scenes Japan

Enjoy Japan like a local

Our certified English-speaking tour guides, all based in Japan, will help you enhance your travel experience.
Keikaku’s local guides are experienced and speak fluent Japanese and English. They will act as your interpret during the visit, offering meaningful insights to understand Japan and its inhabitants, connect with Japanese people, read signs and restaurants menus, or explain customs and cultural specificities.

A Budget Under Control

Book your guide at any time

Booking a personal guide is possible from one year and up to 5 days before the desired date.

Important notice: for peak seasons (April, August and October) especially, we recommend booking at your earliest convenience to make sure a guide will be available during your travel in Japan.

No hidden fee

Your guide’s financial autonomy is ensured within the scope of a classical guided tour: they will provide for their own transportation, meals and scheduled activities (temples, gardens, museum, etc.).

The tour duration is your choice (from half a day and up to 3 consecutive days, or evening tour) from ~$56 per person for a couple.

Everybody is welcome

Be it a first or umpteenth trip, alone or in group, whatever your age. Groups and younger travelers can even get discounts:

25% for children aged 6 to 11 years old

Free for children under 6 years old
Our Tour Guides
Accomplished and friendly guides

All guides at Keikaku, regardless of their country of origin, are bilingual Japanese and English-speaking, certified, dedicated to our customers’ service and have been living in Japan for a long time.

They can answer precisely your questions and also assist you in most of procedures in Japan (buying train tickets, exchange JR Pass, send postcard at the post office or luggage delivery by private companies, etc.)

A Tailor-Made Experience

Before your arrival in Japan, the guide will design an “à la carte” (custom) tour, according to the preferences you indicated when booking. As soon as we have validated your booking, you will be able to discuss with your guide to create your personal sightseeing tour. On the tour day, the guide can meet you at your hotel if you wish so, at the time that suits you best!

Original and unique

Know Japan beyond clichés:

  • Discover cities under a new approach, closer to their reality;
  • Explore places hidden to tourists, good and sometimes original picture spots;
  • Save time thanks to the locals’ experience who know Japan like the back of their hand;
  • Enjoy your visit without worrying about planning or how to get there.
Simple and authentic

Step out the usual stereotyped guided tour and explore narrow streets, hidden gems, find the good restaurants that only appear on Japanese maps... Visit a Japan that no Western travel guide can describe!

Touring in the most popular places of Tokyo or Kyoto with our guides is naturally also possible

Only for you

The tour you booked is completely private. You will not share your guide with unknown people, for more comfort and privacy.

You guide is dedicated to you or your group (couple, friends, family, etc.) and will offer suggestions during the tour according to the time of the year, the weather and your pace.