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Our customized travels target a Premium clientele. Tell us your preferences as precisely as possible and we will design tailor-made experiences for the most upscale holidays.

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Unforgettable Memories

An Eye For Detail

You will enjoy a very exclusive idyllic setting from your flight in Business or First Class, the comfort of a 4 to 5 star high standard establishments, to private transports in Japan. You will tread the traditional luxury destinations, discover the variety and refinements of the delicate Japanese gastronomy and unravel the secrets of exclusive places thanks to our local experts.

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Our customers can rely on our expertise, our knowledge and our meticulous curation to fully enjoy a dream destination concealing breathtaking views. If you are a Premium traveler, contact Keikaku to have a thoughtfully crafted holiday at the measure of your expectations. Discover an original Japan through an unparalleled experience!

Discover An Original Japan Through An Unparalleled Experience!

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