How to make sure my JR Pass will be cost-effective?

A countrywide Japan Rail Pass can help you save money quickly. For example:

  • The cost of a 7-days JRP is equivalent to the price of a Tokyo-Kyoto roundtrip, that most of travelers in Japan do;
  • The cost of a 14-days JRP is equivalent to a roundtrip Tokyo-Kyoto-Hiroshima.

Any additional travel with the JR Pass during its validity period is naturally free.

If you are planning only short distance travels, determine their costs with Jorudan website (or application) and compare the total amount with the price of a JR Pass.

However, saving money alone is not the only advantage of the JR Pass, as it also provides convenient and comfortable trips.

Moreover, with the Japan Rail Pass, you can get up to 10% discounts in JR Group’s hotels.

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