Do the displayed amounts include the guide’s transportation fees, meals and activities?

Your guide’s financial autonomy for transportation, including the trip to meet you up and during the tour is ensured (except if you travel in Green Car, in this case you will have to pay for the additional fare if you want the guide to join you). 

It is the same for their meals and scheduled activities (temples, gardens, museum, etc.). within the scope of a “classical” guided tour:

  • Up to ¥1,000 (~$7) per lunch (our guides know the best places to eat a good meal for less than this amount); there is no lunch included in half a day tours;
  • Up to ¥1,500 (~$10) for activities per day, half a day or evening.

If you choose a tour where expenses are higher than this amount, you will be asked to pay for the guide’s additional fees. Without any further indication from you, the guide will set up meals and activities under these thresholds.

Regarding Evening tours, if you want the guide to join you for dinner, you will have to totally provide for him / her.

Your own personal expenses (transportation, meal, admission fee, etc.) are naturally your responsibility. If necessary, the guide can give you an estimate of these costs by e-mail before your arrival.

As for tipping the guides, this is your own choice and it is not mandatory. Some travelers can for example, pay for the guide’s lunch during their day tour.

Lastly, note that accommodation is not included in 2 or 3 consecutive days tours: you are totally independent from the guide regarding this matter.

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