Is it possible to climb Mount Fuji with a guide?

Climbing Mount Fuji is only possible during a few weeks in summer.

As the trail is well-marked and very popular, we consider that the presence of our guides will not enhance your experience.
Moreover, summer is a busy season and it is impossible for them to dedicate two full days including a round trip, climbing, going down and arrange time for a proper rest.

At other times of the year, climbing Mount Fuji can be dangerous as the conditions are difficult: reaching the top is not guaranteed due to snow and we do not provide such guiding service.

That is why Keikaku only provides guided tours in Hakone, the destination closest to Mount Fuji.

Hakone encompasses Lake Ashi, in the Mount Fuji Five Lakes Area. It is a pleasant destination and an easy excursion from Tokyo, on a one-day trip, with nice views on Fuji-san if weather conditions are good.

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