Who can use a JR Pass?


The Japan Rail Pass is solely intended for tourists traveling in Japan with their passport only (temporary visitor status).

If you travel in Japan for less than 90 consecutive days (or less than 180 days for Swiss citizens), you don’t need a visa and you can use the JR Pass!

The benefits of JR Pass are cancelled by all types of visa. You cannot use a JR Pass if you hold a working holiday visa, student visa, working visa, spouse visa, etc.


Children can also use the JR Pass, they even get discounted prices according to their age:

  • about 50% discount for children aged 6 to 11 year old;
  • children under 6 year old during the trip travel for free in Japan (as long as they don’t occupy their own seat but travel on their parents’ laps.)


From 2017, June 1, Japanese passport holders (Japanese citizens) can buy the JR Pass under specific conditions.

They have to provide the following documents:

  • Japanese passport;
  • And a letter from their country of residence’s embassy stating that they have been living there for at least 10 consecutive years (or for Japanese citizens living in the United States, in Brazil and Canada, the permanent resident card stating their length of stay).

If you order a JR Pass on Keikaku, you certify complying with these conditions and must provide those supporting documents (to upload from our order form).

Additionally, the JR Pass can only be obtained in Japan, at a JR office, when providing the JRP Voucher and these two original documents.


Purchasing a JR Pass on our site for a third party, for example to offer a present, is possible as long as the traveler complies with the conditions of eligibility.

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