Is it possible to rent a power bank (external battery) with the Pocket Wi-Fi?


Keikaku’s pocket Wi-Fi autonomy is up to 8 hours in use (battery charger is naturally included).

Depending on how much you use it, it is possible that the device's batteries might not last a full day of visits.
For example, batteries will empty faster when:

  • Several devices are connected at the same time
  • Using GPS / Maps applications
  • Streaming videos (YouTube, Netflix, etc.)
  • Visiting a place where geolocation is more difficult (the network search is power-consuming, especially in rural areas)
  • Weather is very hot (especially during summer trips)

It takes about 3 hours to charge the Pocket Wi-Fi.


We also offer the possibility to rent an additional external battery (or portable power bank) when ordering a Pocket Wi-Fi.
The cost of this option is ~$1 per day.

Thanks to its capacity, the power bank can charge the Pocket Wi-Fi two to three times and thus extend its length of use without the need to find a power outlet.
It helps prevent power shortage incident during a day of visit.

The power bank's port is a standard USB-A port.

Important: Don't charge the power bank when it is charging the Pocket Wi-Fi!

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