What is Keikaku’s Pocket Wi-Fi network quality?


Keikaku’s Pocket Wi-Fi benefit from a 4G LTE connection (which is similar to an enhanced 4G connection). It is a very high speed connection compatible with Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac norms. The maximum speeds are:

  • 187 Mbps download
  • 37 Mbps upload

Please note that these statistics are theoretical maximum speeds and that they can vary depending on numerous factors, such as localization, time, weather, etc.


While the network extends on most of Japan’s territory, Pocket Wi-Fi might sometimes not be able to reach it in places where its density is weak, for example:

  • In some rural areas, in the mountains or in remote places (ex.: small islands);
  • In some parts of the subway or underground tunnels;
  • In some parts of the travel when aboard the Shinkansen (high-speed bullet train);
  • In some large cities' buildings;
  • On cruise ships sailing away from the coast.

Keikaku cannot be held liable for any difficulty to access a Wi-Fi network in some areas or periods during your trip, and no refund will be made for the inconvenience.

Keikaku's Pocket Wi-Fi can be used only in Japan and in no other country.

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