What happens in case of problem during the rental period (delay, loss, damages, etc.)?

Please note that all these fees are described in our General Terms and Conditions of Sales, that you have to approve, as well as the related costs, before proceeding to payment of Keikaku's Pocket Wi-Fi rental.

Anyway, if you encounter one of the problems listed below, please contact us as soon as possible to update your situation and solve the issue in a prompt and timely manner.


If you change the pick up location less than 5 days before the rental period's beginning, you will be charged ~$21 modification fees. Moreover, 3 to 4 business days are necessary to prepare and make the device available in another pick up location.

Keikaku cannot be held liable for any problem related to your flight (strike, re-routing, important delay, etc.)

If you need to extend the rental period (please notice us at least 48h before the intended return date), you will be charged ~$7 per additional day from the initial return date specified in your order.

You will be charged ~$14 per day in case of delay when returning the device starting from the initial return date specified in your order.


Pocket Wi-Fi are very expensive devices. In case of damage, loss or theft you will be charged a flat fee of ~$416.

In case of damage, loss or theft of the device's accessories:

  • ~$14 for the charger's cable
  • ~$21 for the charger
  • ~$21 for the protection case
  • ~$42 for the battery


If you fail to return the rented devices before your departure from Japan, we ask you to send them back as soon as possible to our head-office in Japan by tracked parcel and at your own expenses.
The shipping address is:

Sakaisuji Honmachi urban life 705
1-5-6 Kita-Kyuhojimachi, Chuo-Ku
541-0057 OSAKA

You will also be charged a penalty of ~$14 per day of delay from the initial return date until the actual reception date by our team in Japan, based on the parcel tracked number, as well as of the possible custom fees.

Rent a Pocket Wi-Fi