When is the best time to travel in Japan and for how long?

For most people, the best period to visit Japan is late March / early April, during the blooming season of sakura cherry trees.

It is true and consequently spring is also a very busy touristic period (sometimes overcrowded), and Japan can be fully enjoyed at many other times of the year.

Other recommended periods

You can experience unforgettable travel in Japan in any season, but some periods offer exceptional conditions:

  • Late February to mid-March (plum trees blooming)
  • September / October (very pleasant weather)
  • From mid to late November to mid-December (red maple leaves)
  • During Christmas time (illuminations)

Less favorable periods

If possible, avoid the few Japanese national holidays, when lots of touristic places and shops are closed and transportation and accommodations are overbooked:

  • Late April / early May (Golden Week
  • New Year (December 29 to January 2)

Moreover, most of the summer period can be very harsh due to the weather, but can be enjoyed nonetheless with proper planning:

  • Mid-June to mid-July (rainy season)
  • July and August (very hot and humid)

In any case, with the growing popularity of Japan over the recent years, we strongly recommend booking your travel to Japan as soon as possible!

Length of travel

Due to the flight length (at least 14 hours from the U.S.), the time difference (12 to 13 hours) and the cost of the airplane ticket, we recommend going to Japan for a duration longer than a week.

Most of our customers travel in Japan during 2 to 3 weeks, but it is also possible to stay for a longer time if you can afford it.