How much does it cost to travel in Japan?

Japan can be a quite expensive country to travel to. Each trip is naturally different but many essential expenses are costly.

Of course, with many expenditures at hand, it is impossible to offer a definitive answer on the cost of a travel in Japan. However, it is still possible to give estimate expenditure ranges for the main items:


From the United States, prices for a roundtrip flight ticket to Japan range between US$750 (sales promotion, with a stopover) and US$3~4,000 (direct flight, Business class). It can even be way more expensive in First Class.


Allow at least US$100 per person and per night, depending on the type of accommodation in Japan and the season.


The Japan Rail Pass (~US$280) is a must-have for most travels; it allows unlimited travels on the national railway network.

A Suica Card for urban transportation costs US$25.


A Pocket Wifi (a small travel router providing a high speed, unlimited Internet connection) costs about US$100 for two weeks, depending on the season.


It is possible to eat well and good food from ~US$10 per person and per meal. Gourmet cooking is available from ~US$40.


Our private themed travel tours in Japan already provide detailed price ranges according to the theme of the trip.

Our travel consultants can of course offer a detailed quote upon inquiry for a tailored-made travel in Japan.

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