When should I order my JR Pass?

At the earliest date

You can order and pay your JR Pass up to one year before departure.
If you want to go to Japan in more than a year, feel free to contact us so we can help you with your travel plan.

The Exchange order (Voucher) is valid up to 3 months before its activation.
We thus take orders up to one year before the expected departure date, and create the voucher at the right time so it will be valid for an activation in Japan.

For a departure more than 3 months before arrival in Japan

In such a case (for example, for a trip around the world), when you order the JR Pass:

  • Either give an address in a country where you will stay at least one week, and less than 3 months before the expected exchange date in Japan;
  • Or give the address of the first hotel where you will stay in Japan.

Be reminded that shipping to an Airbnb accommodation is not possible, as hosts don’t leave the mailbox key to the guests.


To ensure you will receive your JR Pass Voucher before departure and taking into account the delivery time, we accept orders with shipping to your country at the latest according to our shipping page.

If the order form indicates a delay that doesn’t fit your departure schedule, you can choose a delivery directly to your hotel in Japan (allow 2 to 3 business days for delivery).

Order your JR Pass